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"Formed in 1992, the Virginia Birdies Golf Club remains dedicated to supporting local charitable endeavors, enabled by purposeful golfing events and strengthened through club member fellowship throughut the community.  Over its 20 year existence, in addition to golfing with a purpose, the Birdies strive to assist youth programs in the area.  Each year, the Birdies provide support to the Virginia Baptist Children's Home of Petersburg, Virginia. This support has been financially enabled by the funds raised from annual golf tournaments, as well as service based support to improve the Home's facilities and infrastructure.  The Birdies have also supported the local Salvation Army efforts, helping them with holiday toy drives and sponsored area clean ups. The Birdies have also provided material assistance to families in the local area.  Currently the membership is over 35 men and women who are dedicated to the Birdie mission -- contributing to all of  our charatible efforts and playing golf whenever and wherever!"




The Birdies have chapters in several states namely Georgia Birdies, Maryland Birdies,

New York Birdies, Canadian Birdies and Cape Cod Birdies. A new chapter is soon to be

formed in South Carolina.

Maryland Birdies


Canadian Birdies


New York Birdies




Mr. Ted Cabral Is the Founder and CEO of the Virginia Birdies and played a big part in help

to establish the other chapters. R.I.P. Ted, forever in our hearts. Sunset April 26, 2016.

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27th Annual Virginia Birdies Ted Cabral Memorial Golf Tournament

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